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Kenya safari in August - Our guests about to start a safari in Masai Mara
Our Guests are about to start a safari in Masai Mara.

Are you seeking the ultimate adventure, filled with breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and unforgettable memories this August? Look no further than a Kenya safari in August! Kenya safaris planned during August are remarkable journeys. They give guests the unique opportunity to explore the heart of Africa, see the big 5, the big cats, the annual Masai mara wildebeest migration and so much more. August is also a perfect time to see millions of Flamingos in Lake Nakuru. But how do you plan a Kenya safari holiday this August?

In this post, we’ll guide you through the unparalleled experiences that await you on your Kenya safari in August. From the thrills of the Great Migration to the serenity of beach holidays in the Kenyan coast, we’ve got you covered. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Lions Bringing Down an Adult Buffalo - Video By Our Guest

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Our Most Booked Kenya Safari Tours - Packages and Cost

Holiday to Kenya safari - 10 Day Kenya Classic Safari - Kenya tours - family safari in Masai mara

10 Day Kenya Classic Safari

From £6113

3-Days Safari with a Stay at Jambo Mara Safari Lodge

From £718

Safari Kenya - Kenya Itinerary 10 Days

Kenya Itinerary 10 Days

From £3650

Masai mara kenya family safari holidays - Kenya safari holiday packages

Blissful, 4-Day Keekorok Lodge Masai Mara Safari

From £1024

Best family safari kenya - 7 Days, Masai Mara Luxury Safari - tours to Kenya - elephants spotted during game drive.

7 Days, Giraffe Manor and Masai Mara Luxury Safari

From £4408

Just the Vacation You Need - 4 Days at Base Camp Masai Mara - masai mara kenya

Just the Vacation You Need - 4 Days at Base Camp Masai Mara

From £933

Kenya family holiday 5 days Kenya honeymoon tour - Kenya safari tour

Masai Mara: Why this 5-Day Big 5 Safari is the Perfect Honeymoon

From £1178

Safari holidays Kenya - 3 Days Masai Mara family safari - trip to kenya - elephants spotted during game drive

Experience True Safari Luxury with this 3-Day Masai Mara Classic Safari

From £645

Unforgettable, 4-Day Trip to Masai Mara - Big 5 and More - Masai Mara safari packages - holidays to Masai Mara

Unforgettable, 4-Day Trip to Masai Mara - Big 5 and More

From £889

Masai mara kenya family safari holidays - 5 days masai mara safari

Our Best Selling, 5-Day Masai Mara Safari

From £1084

Kenya safari holidays - 5 days Lake Nakuru Masai

4 Days Big 5 Safari in Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara

From £1042

Masai mara kenya family safari holidays - 6 days Kenya safari tour - Kenya safaris

A Relaxed, All-Inclusive 6 Days Safari in Kenya

From £1748

Family safaris in Kenya - holiday to Kenya safari packages - Kenyan tour to a masai village

7-Days Safari to Kenya’s Most Breathtaking Destinations

From £1846

7-Day Honeymoon Safari: This is All the Magic You Need - Kenya trip

7-Day Honeymoon Safari: This is All the Magic You Need

From £1678

Family safaris in kenya 7 days Kenya wildlife safari tour - Giraffe in Amboseli National park - trip to Kenya packages

Kenya Wildlife Safari:7-Day of Unsurpassed Bliss

From £1839

Family Safari in Kenya - 8 days Kenya helicopter tour - Lion in Masai Mara - Kenya tour

Grand Heli Tour: 8-Day of Helicopter and Wildlife Adventure

From £9795

The Perfect, 8-Day Kenya Honeymoon Safari

The Perfect, 8-Day Kenya Honeymoon Safari

From £1732

8-Day Safari in Kenya - A Holiday with Purpose

From £2053

9-Day Helicopter Safari: An Exclusive Look into Kenya’s Finest

9-Day Helicopter Safari: An Exclusive Look into Kenya’s Finest

From £15365

12-Day Kenya Safari and Beach Holiday - A Dream Vacation

12-Day Kenya Safari and Beach Holiday - A Dream Vacation

From £3141

14-Day, Wildlife and Beach Honeymoon Safari

14-Day, Wildlife and Beach Honeymoon Safari

From £4815

Beat the Wanderlust with This 14-Day Wildlife-Beach Honeymoon Safari

From £3698

Why August is the Perfect Time for a Kenya Safari

Planning a Kenya safari hinges on timing. August provides a combination of favorable weather and teeming wildlife, presenting an optimal period for exploration. With warm days and cool nights, you can comfortably immerse yourself in the beauty of Africa’s landscapes without breaking a sweat. And with little to no rainfall, you can enjoy uninterrupted game drives, ensuring a truly memorable experience.

A group of people on a safari trip in Kenya in August, enjoying the wildlife and the ideal weather
Guests enjoying a picnic lunch in Masai Mara

Moreover, August serves as a peak period for beholding the Great Migration, one of the most awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles on Earth. Imagine thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and other animals traversing the plains in search of fresh grasslands and water – a truly breathtaking sight. Don’t forget to visit Lake Nakuru and Meru National Park for even more incredible wildlife encounters on your August holiday.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned wildlife enthusiast or embarking on your first safari, August stands out as an ideal time for a Kenyan visit. With its beautiful weather and abundant wildlife, there’s no better time to embark on your African adventure.

The Great Migration in August

A herd of wildebeest crossing a river during the Great Migration in Kenya in August
Mara river crossing

The Great Migration is a natural phenomenon like no other. This annual journey sees millions of grazers, including wildebeest, zebra, and antelope, traveling from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in search of water and fresh grasslands. August is the prime time to witness this incredible event, as the large herds gather in Kenya’s Masai Mara, providing unparalleled game viewing opportunities.

One of the most dramatic highlights of the Great Migration is the dramatic river crossings. In August, the herds must navigate treacherous rivers teeming with crocodiles, creating intense and unforgettable moments for those lucky enough to observe them. The Masai Mara is the ideal destination to witness these crossings, as well as other spectacular wildlife encounters during your August safari.

Whether you opt for a group safari or a private conservancy experience, the Great Migration is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the raw beauty and power of nature in action.

Top Kenya Safari Destinations to Visit in August

A stunning image of a herd of elephants grazing in the savannah during a Kenya safari in August

In addition to the Masai Mara, there are several other top Kenya safari destinations, including Kenya safaris in East Africa, to explore during your August adventure.

We’ll touch on the marvels of Amboseli National Park and Nairobi National Park next, both of which promise unique experiences and captivating encounters with wildlife.

Masai Mara

Kenya safari august - guests on a horseback riding safari in Kenya
Masai Mara horseback riding safari

The Masai Mara, an expansive grassland covering nearly 600 square miles in southwestern Kenya, is a must-visit destination for any safari enthusiast. The Maasai Mara is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including:

  • the iconic “Big Five” (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo)
  • giraffes
  • hippos
  • zebras
  • hundreds of bird species

The Masai Mara offers something for everyone. Cheetah sightings are also common here, adding to the excitement of your August safari experience.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the Maasai people, an indigenous tribe known for their vibrant red robes and impressive shields. These proud and resilient people continue to uphold many of their traditional customs, providing a fascinating glimpse into their unique way of life.

To fully appreciate the Masai Mara, a stay of at least four nights is suggested. This will give you ample opportunity to explore the region’s stunning landscapes, encounter its diverse wildlife, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Maasai people. You can opt for a road trip to Masai mara or even book a fly in safari. Anyway, Masai Mara promises unmatched game viewing opportunities.

Amboseli National Park

Kenya safari holidays - best views of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National park
Amboseli National park

Located in southern Kenya near the Tanzanian border, Amboseli National Park is another must-visit destination during your August Kenya safari. The park is renowned for its large elephant herds and big cats, as well as its incredible views of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. The pleasant weather conditions in August, with warm temperatures and gentle breezes, make it the ideal time to explore this awe-inspiring landscape.

In addition to its incredible wildlife, Amboseli National Park offers:

  • The Selenkay private conservancy, providing an even more exclusive safari experience
  • Intimate game drives
  • Bush walks
  • Cultural encounters with local Maasai communities

These experiences will make your August safari trip truly unforgettable. With its diverse landscape, abundant wildlife, and unique cultural experiences, Amboseli National Park is an essential addition to your August Kenya safari itinerary.

Nairobi National Park

Cheetah in Nairobi National park spotted during game drive in the park during August
Cheetah in Nairobi National Park

For a safari experience unlike any other, look no further than Nairobi National Park, the world’s only national park located within a capital city. Just six miles south of Kenya’s bustling metropolis, this unique park offers a refreshing escape from the urban jungle.

Home to a wide variety of wildlife, Nairobi National Park provides ample opportunities for incredible wildlife encounters. Some of the animals you may see include:

  • Black rhinos
  • Giraffes
  • Zebras
  • Ostriches
  • Buffalo
  • Over 400 bird species

While sightings of cheetahs, lions, and leopards are less common, the possibility of spotting these elusive predators adds an extra layer of excitement to your August safari.

Nairobi National Park’s convenient location makes it an ideal choice for those with limited time, as well as a perfect introduction or conclusion to your Kenya safari adventure. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the wild side of Kenya’s capital city during your August safari.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Kenyan safaris to Lake Nakuru go beyond the wildlife to offer you a scenic lake view. The park combines bushy pasture, acacia trees and steep escarpments with breathtaking beauty. Moreover, its most prominent feature is an immense shallow lake that houses over one-half the flamingos making the lake appear pink. The lake is also home to other bird species including pelicans, kingfishers and cormorants.

Accommodation Options for Your August Kenya Safari

A couple enjoying a comfortable stay in a lodge during their Kenya safari in August
Sentinel Mara camp

As you plan your August Kenya safari, take into account the diverse array of accommodation choices at your disposal. From luxury lodges and tented camps to budget-friendly hotels, there’s something to suit every traveler’s taste and budget.

Popular safari tour packages cater to different preferences, such as:

  • A 9-day fly-in Kenya safari tour for couples or honeymooners seeking great value
  • A 7-day family adventure designed to create unforgettable memories for all
  • An 11-day vacation package combining classic game viewing, sundowners overlooking the endless golden plains, excellent snorkeling, and balmy evenings on a pristine tropical beach

These options offer a variety of experiences for different types of travelers.

To ensure you find the perfect accommodation for your August Kenya safari, we highly recommend consulting with safari specialists. Their expert advice and insider knowledge will help you navigate the myriad of options available, ensuring a tailored and unforgettable experience.

Planning Your Kenya Safari: Group Tours vs. Private Safaris

A group of people on a safari trip in Kenya in August, enjoying the wildlife and the ideal weather
Game drives in August

A key consideration in planning your August Kenya safari is the choice between a group tour or a private safari. Each option has its own set of advantages and drawbacks, so it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

Group tours are generally more budget-friendly, making them an attractive choice for those looking to save on costs while still enjoying a memorable safari experience. On the other hand, private safaris offer a higher level of customization, intimacy, and privacy, allowing you more control over your itinerary and the flexibility to explore at your own pace.

Ultimately, the choice between a group tour and a private safari will come down to your personal preferences, budget, and the level of exclusivity you desire for your August Kenya safari. By carefully considering your options and consulting with safari specialists, you can create the perfect experience tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Tips for a Memorable Kenya Safari in August

Kenya safari tours in August - lions feeding in Masai Mara National Reserve
Lions in Masai Mara eating.

For an unforgettable August Kenya safari, bear in mind a few expert tips. First, selecting the right destinations and accommodations is crucial for a memorable experience. As mentioned earlier, Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, and Nairobi National Park are top choices for your August adventure.

Timing is another critical factor for a successful safari. With the ideal weather conditions and abundant wildlife sightings in August, you’ll want to plan your trip accordingly to make the most of this prime season.

Finally, consider opting for a private safari for greater flexibility and a more personalized experience. While group tours can be budget-friendly, a private safari allows you to customize your itinerary and enjoy a more intimate connection with the landscape and wildlife of Kenya.

Combining Beach Holidays with Your Kenya Safari

Kenya safari in August - Combining Beach Holidays with Your Kenya Safari
A family during a beach holiday in Diani Kenya

For an enhanced Kenya safari holiday experience, you might want to pair it with a tranquil beach holiday on the beautiful Kenyan coast or the exotic island of Zanzibar. To make the most of your adventure, visit Kenya and these idyllic destinations, which offer a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation, allowing you to unwind after the thrill of your wildlife encounters.

At the Kenyan coast and Zanzibar, you’ll find a wealth of thrilling activities to enjoy, such as:

  • diving
  • deep-sea fishing
  • golf
  • dolphin trips

These experiences add an extra dimension to your August Kenya safari, creating a well-rounded and unforgettable journey.

By consulting with safari specialists, you can craft the perfect combination of beach and safari experiences to suit your preferences and budget. With their expert advice and guidance, you’ll be well on your way to creating the adventure of a lifetime.


Kenya safari in August - the great wildebeest migration in Masai Mara and Serengeti
Wildebeest migration

In conclusion, an August Kenya safari offers a wealth of unforgettable experiences, from the awe-inspiring Great Migration to the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife of the country’s top safari destinations. With the ideal weather conditions, abundant wildlife sightings, and a host of exciting activities and accommodations to choose from, there’s no better time to embark on this incredible journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your August Kenya safari today and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we look at the most asked questions about Kenya safari tours in August.

Is August a good time to safari in Kenya?

Similar to July, August is an excellent time to safari in Kenya! The Great Migration is well and truly underway, making it the perfect time to explore national parks and conservancies. You’ll have a great chance of seeing the wildebeest fill up the Mara plains!

Is August a good time to visit Kenya?

August is a great time to visit Kenya, with its dry season and the wildebeest and zebra Great Migration. Plus, the rainy seasons are also good times to travel for those who want to experience lush emerald vegetation without too many tourists. The dry season is the perfect time to witness the Great Migration, as the wildebeest and zebra herds traverse the Serengeti and Masai Mara. The rains bring a different kind of beauty

Is Kenya or Tanzania better for safari in August?

Tanzania has the edge in August due to its vast Serengeti National Park and impressive Ngorongoro Crater. However, Kenya is better for those on a tighter schedule or looking to visit the Masai Mara between August and November when the wildebeest migration is at its peak. Kenya also offers a slightly cheaper and richer cultural experience. So overall, Kenya is the better option for safari in August compared to Tanzania.

How much is an average 10 day Kenya safari cost?

For an average 10-day Kenya safari, you’re looking at an exciting experience that costs around £3,000-£6,000 per person. The most affordable safari in Kenya is priced around £3000 dollars for 10-day trips on group sharing basis (4-6 people), and luxurious safaris can be up to £10000 for 10 days for one person.

What are the top safari destinations in Kenya during August?

Experience the best of Kenya this August with safaris to the top spots, Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, and Nairobi National Park!

Is August a good time for safari in Africa?

August is the driest month in Africa and temperatures are a generous 27C (80F), ensuring that this is just a perfect safari time. If you stay at the National Reserve, you are at the centre of the action of migration.