Nairobi National Park Tour Charges - Cost and Things to Do

We have written this Nairobi National Park safari guide to introduce you to the beautiful side of Nairobi and the fun things to do in Nairobi city.

A Nairobi National safari starts with our professional tour guide picking you up from the airport or point of residence.

The guide takes you for a half-day safari to the park and then combine it with a visit to the Giraffe Centre, Nairobi Safari Walk, or Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

We’d like to mention that our guides have over 15 years of experience in offering game drives in the Nairobi National Park.

And all our packages are all-inclusive.

That means your Nairobi National Park safari cost will cover the entry fee, full-board accommodation, 4×4 safari land cruiser, and a professional safari guide.

How to Book Your Nairobi National Park Safari with Us

We invite you to contact us at or, and we will happily plan the best Nairobi National Park tour you for.

You can also call or Whatsaap us via +254704532105, and we will provide you with a customised safari itinerary.

Our Most Booked Nairobi National Park Safari Packages

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Things to Do on a Nairobi National Park Safari

It’s set to be a good time with these 4 fun things to do on a Nairobi National Park safari.

Visit the Giraffe Center

“I shut my eyes tight and try not to scream as she comes closer to my face. Her breath is hot, hot, and somewhat stinky (sorry, Betty). But I soon forget about all that when she sweeps the pellet from my lips with one swift, not-too-rough swipe of her tongue. I smile boldly- that was the first of many giraffe kisses”James.

There are many impressive facts about the Giraffe Centre, but top on that list is that the centre, with its conservation efforts, has tripled the number of Rothchild’s Giraffes in Kenya.

The centre was founded in 1979 to protect the then critically endangered species. Forty-three years later, the centre still stands, bigger and better than the year before.

From raised 6-meter-high platforms, you can kiss, pet, feed, and take selfies with the giraffes. You can also watch as warthogs scuttle around the place, sniffing for fallen pellets.

Take those tastebuds on a journey of themselves by sampling the tea house’s delicious chai and mandazis.

Stopover at the Daisy Zoovenir (see what they did there) for some keepsakes.

Or head out on a self-guided walk to the Gogo River Sanctuary, a spectacular 1.5km trail with breathtaking views of Nairobi.

Where to Stay

For utterly elegant rooms hallmarked by large windows, private terraces, and impeccable décor, try the Giraffe Manor. Yes, the ambience is to-die-for, and the views nothing short of magical.

Even better, you get to pet giraffes from your room’s terrace or when having breakfast at the hotel’s sizeable windowed restaurant.

Giraffe Centre Entry Fees

Citizens Residents Non-residents
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
£2.68 £1.34 £2.68 £1.34 £11.7 £5.85
*Free for children under the age of three *Check the Giraffe Centre website for the latest price.

Giraffe Center Opening Hours

Every day from 9 am to 5 pm, including public holidays and weekends.

Visit the animal orphanage

What’s a Nairobi National Park package without visiting the Nairobi animal orphanage.

Dubbed the ‘refuge for the wild,’ this orphanage sits at the heart of the Nairobi National Park and is faultless in treating and rehabilitating wild animals.

The wildlife species are diverse from leopards to cheetahs, lions, monkeys, jackals, buffaloes, warthogs, hyenas, Sokoke cats, ostriches, parrots, and crowned cranes.

Things to do at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage:

  • Bird watching
  • Photographing
  • Game viewing

Nairobi Animal Orphanage Costs

The table below breaks down the Nairobi orphanage entry fees for citizens residents, and non-residents as outlined by the Kenya Wildlife Services.

Citizens Residents Non-residents
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
£1.45 £0.85 £1.45 £0.85 £17.16 £10.14
*Check the KWS website for the latest pricing.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage Opening Hours

Every day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Visit the Safari Walk

The Nairobi Safari Walk is all about mind-blowing views and sceneries, and my will your world be rocked.

The 7km walk happens on raised wooden boardwalks, and with each step, you are introduced to a world of unfathomable natural beauty.

There are hundreds of wildlife to admire, from the albino zebra to the rare bongo, white rhino, the big cats, primates, and antelopes.

The vegetation variety is unique and stunning, too, the walk showcasing over 150 species of local trees.

Things to do at the Nairobi Safari Walk:

  • Bird watching
  • Game viewing
  • Photography
  • Walking

Nairobi Safari Walk Costs

Citizens Residents Non-residents
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
£1.45 £0.85 £1.45 £0.85 £17.16 £10.14
*Check the KWS website for the latest pricing.

Game Drives at Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is as breathtaking as it gets and is only a short drive from bustling Nairobi.

Its wide-open grasslands play host to over 100 mammal species and a beautiful array of over 400 bird species.

Those on a Nairobi National Park tour are rewarded with sensational views of the city’s scrapers, a sight that has become the park’s most popular.

We take you to the heart of the park for an up-close and intimate encounter of the Big Five for the ultimate Nairobi National Park safari experience.

Here you will meet the black rhinos, giraffes, buffaloes, lions, hyenas, and cheetahs native to these lands.

You can also;

  • Camp
  • Hike
  • Picnic
Nairobi National Park Tours - Giraffe Centre
Feed the Giraffe at Giraffe Centre

Nairobi National Park Tour: Commonly Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know from Nairobi National Park safari costs to entry fees, game drive fees, and more.

1. How Much Does it Cost to Visit Nairobi National Park?

When determining your average Nairobi national park safari cost, you must consider several factors. These include transport, entry fee, lunch, etc.

You can choose matatus, car hire, Uber or Bolt, or the KWS shuttle for transportation.

Car hire will cost you anything from £25 to £70, depending on the type of vehicle you hire and the duration of use.

Matatus, Uber/Bolt, and the KWS shuttle are the cheapest options you have, the cost averaging at £4.

P.S: The prices stated above do not factor in the Nairobi National Park fees and safari guide charges.

As for your lunch and any other personal expenses, you need around £25.

As for the park entry fees, here is the breakdown of the Nairobi National Park entry fees 2022 for citizens, residents, and non-residents as outlined by the Kenya Wildlife Services.

Citizens Residents Non-residents
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
£2.90 £1.45 £2.90 £1.45 £33.56 £17.16
*Tickets are only valid for 24 hours for those staying inside the park and 12 hours for those staying outside. Check the KWS website for the latest price.

2. What Animals Can I See During a Nairobi National Park safari?

Few things are as wondrous and captivating as a game drive in the Nairobi National Park, mainly due to its vast wildlife population.

Over 100 different mammal species roam these lands, the list featuring the Big Five, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, hyenas, wildebeests, cheetahs, and baboons.

There’s also a wide variety of birds for guests to discover, the park houses over 400 species of both endemic and migratory birds.

3. How Can I Visit Nairobi National Park?

There are several options for you to choose from. The first one is leaving all the hustle to a credited tour company like us.

We take care of everything from transport to lunch to entry tickets.

If you choose to go by yourself, start reserving a date through the KWS booking headquarters. This should be confirmed within 48 hours.

For transport, you can take a cab from CBD (Uber and Bolt are cheap and convenient) or board the KWS shuttle (it is available every day from 10 am to 12 pm at the town centre next to Nakumatt Moi Avenue.

4. How Much is the Entry Fee for Nairobi National Park?

Here is the breakdown of the Nairobi National Park entry fees for citizens, residents, and non-residents as outlined by the Kenya Wildlife Services.

Citizens Residents Non-residents
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
£2.90 £1.45 £2.90 £1.45 £33.56 £17.16
*Tickets are only valid for 24 hours for those staying inside the park and 12 hours for those staying outside. Check the KWS website for the latest price.

5. Nairobi National Park Game Drive Cost for Non–Resident

The Nairobi National Park game drive cost ranges from £60 to £80 depending on several factors.

First, how long is your game drive, and is it an evening, afternoon, or night game drive? The cost of the night game drives ranges at £165 per person per trip.

Secondly, will you or will you not hire a guide for your tour. To hire a four-hour guide, you need to spend approximately £15 and £25 for more than four hours.

These amounts cater for:

  • Park entry fees
  • Bottled water
  • Sanitizers
  • A 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser

6. Total Nairobi National Park Tour Cost for an International Traveler

Let’s break it down.

You use car hire to get to the park that will cost you at least £25. To get inside the park, you have to pay an entry fee of £33.56.

For personal expenses (food, drinks, etc.), you need at least £50. If you decide to hire a tour guide, that will cost you an extra £15 for four hours and £23 for more than four hours.

So, let’s say you spend 6 hours in the park with a guide and with no kids, your Nairobi National Park tour cost will average at £135.

7. Is a Nairobi National Park Safari Worth It?

The Nairobi National Park is effortless, from its wildlife to its scenery, ambience, and park activities.

Here, a safari promises over 100 different mammal species, 400 endemic bird species, and exciting game drives, picnics, camping, and photography opportunities.

But here’s the catch.

Although the park is beautiful, spending a whole day here might be a little… underwhelming.

As such, we have created an exciting Nairobi National Park tour that combines destinations such as the Giraffe Center, Nairobi Orphanage, and Nairobi Safari Walk.

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