The Best Kenya Safari Packages from Nairobi - Our Top Selections

The list of fun and adventurous things to do during well-planned Kenya safaris from Nairobi are endless.

Like having breakfast with giraffes at the Giraffe Manor or feeding them on raised platforms at the Giraffe Center.

How about feeding baby elephants at the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage? Spotting the big 5 in Masai Mara Game Reserve?

I will bet taking a deep in the cool, relaxing waters of Diani Beach will make your Kenya tour package from Nairobi one of a kind.

In this article, we will review the top 10 destinations that you should include in your Kenya safari packages from Nairobi.

We will also share our most booked Kenya tour packages from Nairobi. You can book these trips as they are and have a fun and memorable safari in Kenya.

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Our Most Book Kenya Tour Packages from Nairobi

Our Most Booked Kenya Tour Packages from Nairobi Price Per Person Sharing View Detailed Itineraries
Experience True Safari Luxury with this 3-Day Masai Mara Classic Safari £645 Detailed Itinerary
Unforgettable, 4-Day Trip to Masai Mara – Big 5 and More £889 Detailed Itinerary
Our Best Selling, 5-Day Masai Mara Safari £1,084 Detailed Itinerary
4 Days Big 5 Safari in Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara £1,042 Detailed Itinerary
3-Days Safari with a Stay at Jambo Mara Safari Lodge: Where Elegance Meets Immeasurable Natural Beauty £718 Detailed Itinerary
Blissful, 4-Day Keekorok Lodge Masai Mara Safari £1,024 Detailed Itinerary
ust the Vacation You Need – 4 Days at Base Camp Masai Mara £933 Detailed Itinerary
Masai Mara: Why this 5-Day Big 5 Safari is the Perfect Honeymoon £1,178 Detailed Itinerary
A Relaxed, All-Inclusive 6 Days Safari in Kenya £1,748 Detailed Itinerary
7-Day Honeymoon Safari: This is All the Magic You Need £1,678 Detailed Itinerary
7-Days Safari to Kenya’s Most Breathtaking Destinations £1,846 Detailed Itinerary
Kenya Wildlife Safari:7-Day of Unsurpassed Bliss £1,839 Detailed Itinerary
Grand Heli Tour: 8-Day of Helicopter and Wildlife Adventure £9,795 Detailed Itinerary
The Perfect, 8-Day Kenya Honeymoon Safari £1,732 Detailed Itinerary
8-Day Safari in Kenya – A Holiday with Purpose £2,053 Detailed Itinerary
9-Day Helicopter Safari: An Exclusive Look into Kenya’s Finest £15,365 Detailed Itinerary
12-Day Kenya Safari and Beach Holiday – A Dream Vacation £3,141 Detailed Itinerary
14-Day, Wildlife and Beach Honeymoon Safari £4,815 Detailed Itinerary
Beat the Wanderlust with This 14-Day Wildlife-Beach Honeymoon Safari £3,698 Detailed Itinerary

Top 10 Destions for a Kenya Safari Package from Nairobi

Here are 10 destinations that we recommend adding to your Kenya safari package from Nairobi.

Samburu National Park - Home of Samburu’s Special Five

Samburu is secluded enough to feel unexplored but bursting with just the right amount of charm to make your 3-day Kenya safari from Nairobi worth your while.

There is an ambience to die for here, one that is combined with luxurious accommodation and a gorgeous panorama to ensure a time like no other.

The wildlife, too, is diverse and fascinating, the park featuring the famed Samburu Special Five (Beisa Oryx, Grevy Zebra, reticulated giraffe, Gerenuk, and the Somali Ostrich), over 900 individual elephants, a massive predator population, and a colourful explosion of birds.


  • The rare Samburu Five (Beisa Oryx, Grevy Zebra, reticulated giraffe, Gerenuk, and the Somali Ostrich)
  • Huge predator population- lions, cheetahs and leopards.
  • Over 450 bird species
  • Common wild dog sightings

Best Suited For:

  • Honeymooners
  • Small Groups
  • Families

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 429km (8hr 4min drive) from Nairobi
  • A Minimum of 3 days from Nairobi

Diani Beach - Six-Time Africa’s Leading Beach

While Nairobi lures you with its contemporary but still-wild design, Diani Beach draws you in with its striking turquoise waters, velvety beach sands, and vibrant cultures.

This contrast is why Diani is a must-have on our Kenya safari packages from Nairobi. Sip on mimosas while you soak in the sun from Diani’s beautiful beach.

Swim, snorkel, dive, surf or party the night away at the Forty Thieves Bar and Restaurant.

Or spend a day or two hidden away from the world in your hotel room- believe us, there’s enough luxury in there to make you want to stay indoors for days.


  • A relaxing beach experience hallmarked by inviting turquoise waters,
  • The Tamarind Dhow experience- an alluring cruise that begins at sunset and is highlighted by eccentric ocean views, music, impeccable ambience, and a delicious under-the-stars dinner.
  • The Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park for an effortless display of marine life- there are more fish species than you can count here
  • The Shimba Hills National Reserve, which is home to over 700 individual elephants, giraffes, waterbucks, and leopards.

Best Suited for:

  • Couple/ honeymooners
  • Small groups
  • Families

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 531km (9hr 4min drive) from Nairobi
  • A minimum of 3 days safari from Nairobi

Masai Mara National Reserve - Home of Wildebeest Migration

A 3-day stay at the Masai Mara is the surest way to immortalise your Kenya safari from Nairobi. The park is sensational, so much so that it’s the most frequented tourist attraction in the country.

Here, wildlife roams free, birds are at their liveliest, and vegetation thrives.

There are over 90 different mammal species to enjoy and over 450 recorded bird species for visitors to delight in.

There is a variety of spectacular resorts and lodges to pick from and an attractive list of activities suited for both kids and adults.


  • Over 90 different mammal species- the Big 5, zebras, giraffes, leopards, wildebeests, jackals, hippos, dik-dik, hyraxes, wild dogs etc.
  • The Great Wildebeest Migration- the largest migration on the planet, which features over 2 million wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes.
  • Hot-air balloon safaris, game drives, walks, and picnic lunches and dinners.

Best Suited for:

  • Couples/ honeymooners
  • Small Groups
  • Families

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 225km (6 to 7 hr. drive) from Nairobi
  • A minimum of 3 days safari from Nairobi

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Kenya’s Elephant Orphanage

Established more than 40 years ago, this conservancy rescues abandoned or orphaned baby elephants, nurture them to good health, and once they are deemed fit, reintroduces them to the wild.

Time spent here sure pulls on the heartstrings and is a spectacular way to learn how you can do your part in helping conserve nature.


  • Watching cute baby elephants latch on milk bottles, bathe, and play with their caregivers.

Suited For:

  • Small Groups
  • Families

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 16km (28 min drive) from Nairobi CBD
  • 1 hour (Only open from 11a.m- 12p.m)

Giraffe Centre - Instagram-Worthy Giraffe Kissing

Kenya tour packages from Nairobi are many things, but essential is nowhere near that list.

Adding insane oomph to these packages is the Giraffe Center, a classic known for housing the Rothchild’s Giraffe.

You get to feed, pet, and even kiss the giraffes from raised platforms, an experience that indeed remains etched in minds.

There is a Teahouse where you can enjoy afternoon tea on a terrace as the sun sets for the sophisticates out there.

And a curio house where you can buy beautiful African artwork.


  • Petting giraffes
  • Kissing giraffes
  • Feeding giraffes

Suited For:

  • Families
  • Kids
  • Honeymooners (at Giraffe Manor)

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 17km (30 mins drive) from Nairobi CBD
  • A minimum of 3 hours safari from 2 pm to 5 pm (open from 8 am)
Safari from Nairobi - Giraffe Centre Nairobi
Pet, Kiss, and Feed a Giraffe at the Giraffe Centre

Nairobi National Park - World’s Capital Safari Destination

When creating the perfect Kenya safaris from Nairobi, we make sure to bring a little ‘national park’ goodness into the mix.

The Nairobi National Park, for example, combines wide-open grasslands, scattered acacias, wildlife, and the background of the Nairobi’s scrapers to create quite the sensation.

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of wildlife species from black rhinos, giraffes, hyenas, leopards, buffaloes, cheetahs to over 400 recorded bird species.

There are many picnic sites to enjoy, including campsites, walking trails for hikers, and game drives.


  • Houses over 100 different species of mammals
  • Home to four of the Big 5 (rhinos, lions, leopards, and buffaloes
  • Large predator populations (cheetahs, lions, leopards, hyenas)

Suited For:

  • Families with kids
  • Travellers on business trips
  • Groups

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 10km from the CBD
  • A minimum of a half-day safari

Nairobi Safari Walk - Perfect Walking Safari Destination

From lush wildlife-brimming grasslands to broad, expansive wetlands, the Nairobi Safari Walk serves as a love letter to all nature lovers out there.

Via a raised wooden boardwalk, you are taken around the Nairobi National Park in all its entirety, from the wildlife to the vegetation.

There is a wide variety of wildlife to enjoy, and, we must add, Nairobi looks particularly stunning from this angle.


  • Wildlife- rhinos, cheetahs, hippos, lions, bongo, zebras, monkeys, etc.
  • More than 150 species of local trees
  • Three ecosystems (forestry, wetlands, and savannah)

Best Suited For:

  • Small Groups
  • Families

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 10km from the CBD
  • A minimum of 2 hours safari

Lake Nakuru National Park - Home of Flamingoes

The Lake Nakuru National Park strives to create a balance between the Lake’s arresting wonders and the epic, similarly captivating attractions present on the land.

Spend your Kenya safari from Nairobi here and partake in what is the most awe-inspiring pink flamingo showcase ever.


  • Over 56 different mammal species (rhinos, waterbucks, zebras, lions, wild dogs, buffaloes etc.
  • Stunning lookout points; baboon cliff, out-of-Africa, lion hills
  • The gorgeous Makalia waterfalls
  • Over 450 bird species, the most popular being its colourful array of flamingos
  • Over 550 different plant species.
  • Game drives, walks, and boat rides

Best Suited For:

  • Small groups
  • Couples and honeymooners
  • Families

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 131.1 km from Nairobi
  • A minimum of 2 days safari from Nairobi

The Nairobi National Museum - The Historical Destination

There is no denying that the Nairobi National Museum is quite the sensation- from telling tales of Kenya’s rich history to preserving some of the country’s most prized historical possessions.

Visit the museum’s Hall of Kenya, which keeps tangible and intangible of the Kenyan culture.

Head to the Joy Adamson Gallery to showcase the conservationist’s/ author’s books, illustrations, and films about Kenya.

The Cycles of Life for an understanding of the life cycle of Kenyan communities- birth, youth, old age and death.

The Birds of East Africa Gallery displays the region’s diverse and colourful bird selection.

The Great Hall of Mammals to track the evolution of mammals over time. The Cradle of Mankind for proof that Kenya is the cradle of Mankind.

Historia of Kenya to take you through Kenya’s evolution from the pre-colonial to the colonial and post-colonial.

The temporary exhibition for a sampling of the country’s most creative and captivating works of art.

And, last but not least, the skeletal remains of Ahmed the Elephant, a world-renowned elephant known for its large tusks.


  • The cradle of humankind
  • Ahmed the elephant skeletal
  • East Africa bird galley

Best Suited For:

  • Small groups
  • Children
  • Students
  • Families

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • Located in Nairobi
  • A minimum of 4 hours safari

Ol Pejeta Conservancy - Home of the Last 2 Northern White Rhinos

Stunning Ol Pejeta lies between the slopes of Mt. Kenya and Aberdare, and we know many will agree with us on this – the conservancy is a perfect choice for Kenya safari packages from Nairobi.

Here, over 10,000 mammals roam freely on lush grasslands, and sunsets are as magical as sunrise.

There’s a fantastic ambience to match and a list of exciting activities as large as the conservancy itself.


  • The world’s only two remaining northern white rhinos.
  • Over 10,000 mammals, the Big 5 included.
  • Over 300 bird species
  • Game Drives, walks, bush dinners and lunches.
  • Lion tracking

Best Suited For:

  • Families
  • Honeymooners

Distance and Recommended Stay:

  • 211.4 km from Nairobi
  • A minimum of 3 days from Nairobi