10 Must-Try South Africa Safari Hotels

South Africa best safari lodges
Few destinations in the world boast the same wealth of luxury and budget lodges as South Africa

From the exclusive elegance of Lion Sands Ivory Lodge to the eco-friendly sophistication of Singita Sweni Lodge, we’ve curated a list of the best, most outstanding South African safari resorts. 

Not only do these classic havens provide a unique blend of sustainability and luxury, but they also promise an unlike-any-other immersion into the heart of the African bush. So, are you ready to explore the best of South Africa’s luxury safari lodges?

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Key Takeaways

  • Explore South Africa’s majestic wildlife and luxurious safari lodges for unforgettable experiences.
  • Enjoy regal retreats, elevated escapes, exceptional lodges, tented opulence and private game reserves in comfort and style.
  • Create meaningful memories with eco-friendly stays that contribute to conservation efforts.

Unveiling South Africa’s Safari Luxury

luxury safari camps South Africa
luxury hotels often offer magical experiences such as bush dinners

Imagine gazing at the breathtaking Sabi River from the comfort of your private plunge pool at Lion Sands Ivory Lodge or savoring a delightful bush dinner after an evening game drive at Royal Malewane. With each of these incredible safari lodges, you’ll be immersed in the pristine wilderness, forging a deep connection with nature while enjoying unparalleled luxury.

Lion Sands Ivory Lodge: A Window to Wilderness

best luxury safari South Africa
replete with stunning surroundings and exquisite interiors the Lion Sands Ivory Lodge is perfection

Nestled in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, the Lion Sands Ivory Lodge offers an exclusive window into the heart of the African wilderness. The lodge features eight one-bedroom villas and a stunning two-bedroom Fish Eagle Villa, each boasting private plunge pools and awe-inspiring views over the Sabie River.

For an extraordinary night, consider staying in the lodge’s Kingston Treehouse, a luxurious treehouse that allows you to be at one with nature while still enjoying the comforts of a five-star hotel room. You can also treat yourself to an exciting night game drive, enjoy a chilled glass of wine while sungazing, or treat yourself to a relaxing massage at the spa.

Royal Malewane: Regal Retreats in the Thornybush Private Game Reserve

South African safari accommodation
Royal Malewane’s waterside luxury suite deck

Indulge in a regal retreat at Royal Malewane, a luxurious lodge nestled in the beautiful Thornybush Private Game Reserve. Offering stunning villas and suites that blend seamlessly into the bush, Royal Malewane provides a truly unique safari experience. After an exhilarating evening game drive, you’ll be invited to a secluded tent for a delightful bush dinner, surrounded by the sounds of the African night.

But perhaps the most enticing feature of Royal Malewane is the private villa, complete with:

Ulusaba Rock Lodge: Elevated Escapes in Sabi Sand

luxury safari lodge south africa
Ulusuba offers dumbfoundingly beautiful views of the South African bushveld

Perched high above the treetops, Ulusaba Rock Lodge, owned by the esteemed Sir Richard Branson, offers:

  • Panoramic views
  • Luxurious accommodations
  • Spectacular views of animals walking past on their way to the nearby watering hole
  • And treehouse-style rooms for a unique and unparalleled escape into the wilderness

The lodge invites you to embark on a journey into the heart of the African bush, where you can indulge in the luxurious amenities and breathtaking views that only Ulusaba Rock Lodge can provide.

The Heart of the Bush: Exceptional Safari Lodges

South Africa safari accommodation
South Africa safari lodges go all out when it comes to delivering exceptional views

For those seeking an authentic immersion into the heart of the African bush, safari lodges like Singita Boulders Lodge and Londolozi Private Granite Suites offer an unforgettable experience. Here’s a more detailed review.

Singita Boulders Lodge: Harmony with Nature in Sabi Sands

Located in the stunning Sabi Sands, Singita Boulders Lodge offers a truly harmonious experience with nature. Each of its luxurious suites comes with a private pool and a generously sized deck which offers stunning views of the surrounding wildlife. Guests can look forward to witnessing an abundance of wildlife such as rhinos, lions, buffalos, hippos, elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and wild dogs.

Aside from the incredible wildlife encounters, Singita Boulders Lodge boasts an amazing range of amenities, including:

  • A large swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Fitness center
  • The Singita Boutique & Gallery
  • And a Premier Wine Boutique

Londolozi Private Granite Suites: Riverside Resplendence

With only a handful of guests at a time, Londolozi ensures an intimate and unforgettable safari experience for all its guests. The lodge is located in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and is renowned for its exquisite sunset river bars, stunning views, and delightful dining experiences.

In addition to its luxurious accommodations, Londolozi also offers a unique range of activities such as:

  • Guided bush walks
  • Morning coffee in the wilderness
  • Deck dining under the stars
  • Open-air yoga

Tented Opulence: Luxury Safari Tents That Redefine Camping

safari lodges south africa
The Makalali safari lodge

Known for their elevated indulgence, luxury safari tents provide an unparalleled and luxurious camping experience. Here are a few we think you’ll love.

Tree Tops Safari Lodge: Elevated Indulgence at Lalibela

Perched high on thatched platforms which provide stunning views of the Lalibela Game Reserve, the Treetops Safari Lodge is the very definition of opulence. The lodge is located in a malaria-free area and boasts an expansive lounge and open-air dining deck where guests can dine as they take in views of the park.

Here, guests can look forward to thrilling activities such as guided game drives, wildlife spotting, walking safaris, as well as fine dining.

Rhino Sands: Bespoke Eco-Luxury in Manyoni

Rhino Sands in Manyoni Private Game Reserve offers a truly bespoke eco-luxury experience with stylish and private tent suites that accommodate only eight lucky guests. These luxurious tents feature lounge areas, outdoor and indoor showers, and exclusive game drives for close-up wildlife encounters at the Lion Sands game reserve.

Also, the Rhino Sands proudly implements several eco-friendly practices, such as utilizing solar energy and sourcing water from the ground, ensuring minimal environmental impact. With its commitment to sustainability and bespoke luxury, Rhino Sands offers an intimate and unforgettable safari experience that will leave you in awe of the beauty and wonder of the African wilderness.

Exclusive Enclaves: Private Game Reserve Stays

south africa safari accommodation
A patio view of Kapama’s River Lodge Deluxe Suite

Experience the ultimate in privacy and luxury with exclusive stays in private game reserves, such as Kapama River Lodge and the andBeyond Phinda Homestead. These lodges offer an unparalleled level of seclusion and personalized service, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the African bush while enjoying the comforts and amenities of a luxury hotel. Here’s a more detailed review of these private reserve accommodations.

Kapama River Lodge: Family-Friendly Luxury in Kapama Game Reserve

Replete with glass-wrapped villas, heated pools, and a lively atmosphere, Kapama River Lodge in Kapama Game Reserve offers a delightful family-friendly luxury experience. The lodge boasts 64 spacious bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, and a terrace with views of the Big 5 game reserve. It also features a large rim-flow swimming pool, sun loungers, a relaxation lounge with a bar, and a large double-sided fireplace.

And it gets even better!

Kapama also offers a thrilling array of amenities for families, including family suites with separate bedrooms for children, a children’s play area, and a swimming pool for kids.

With its beautiful riverside setting and exciting family-friendly activities, Kapama River Lodge provides an unforgettable safari experience for the whole family.

andBeyond Phinda Homestead: Custom Safaris in Northern KwaZulu-Natal

Embark on a custom safari adventure at andBeyond Phinda Homestead in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. This extraordinary, sole-use safari villa provides the ultimate private getaway for families or groups. The lodge comes complete with;

  • A personal chef
  • A housekeeper
  • A butler
  • A private safari vehicle in
  • A ranger
  • A tracker

Book a stay here, and enjoy an exciting range of activities including guided nature walks, game drives, Spa treatments, animal tracking, and bush dining.

With its tailor-made safari experience and intimate setting, andBeyond Phinda Homestead offers a truly unforgettable journey into the heart of the African wilderness.

Unique Charm: Boutique Safari Hotels with a Twist

Boutique safari hotels in South Africa push the envelope of tradition and delight guests with unique features and experiences. From the solar-powered accommodations at Kagga Kamma in Cederberg to the exclusive eco-experiences at Morukuru Family Retreats in Madikwe Reserve, these hotels offer a fresh perspective on luxury and adventure.

Whether you’re gazing at the stars from the unique outdoor star suites at Kagga Kamma or enjoying the personalized wilderness experiences at Morukuru Family Retreats, these boutique safari hotels provide a truly extraordinary twist on traditional luxury with their private decks.

Let’s examine the unique charm of these distinctive safari hotels in South Africa.

Kagga Kamma: Starlit Sojourns in Cederberg

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, located deep in the rugged mountains of the Cederberg, offers a truly unique wilderness retreat experience. Renowned for its:

  • Solar-powered accommodations
  • Nature drives
  • Rock art tours
  • Stargazing
  • Hiking
  • Quad bike safaris

Kagga Kamma provides an experience like no other.

One of the most remarkable features of Kagga Kamma is its outdoor star suites, which offer an incredible opportunity to sleep under the stars while still enjoying the utmost comfort and luxury of a hotel room. With open-air bedrooms and stunning views of the night sky, Kagga Kamma is perfect for those seeking a starlit sojourn in the heart of the Cederberg wilderness.

Morukuru Family Retreats: Personalized Wilderness in Madikwe Reserve

Morukuru Family Retreats in Madikwe Game Reserve offers an incredible array of services and experiences, providing a truly personalized wilderness experience for guests. Some of the services and experiences include:

  • Exclusive use of the lodge
  • Personalized service
  • Private game drives
  • Luxurious accommodations

The lodge also offers tailor-made safaris which allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Madikwe Reserve. Other exciting things to do while staying at the retreats include; exciting game drives, invigorating bush walks, as well as supervised baking and swimming for kids.

Conservation and Comfort: Eco-Friendly Safari Stays

Eco-friendly safari stays offer a unique and thrilling opportunity to experience the stunning beauty of Africa while making a meaningful contribution to the conservation of the environment. Some of the most incredible eco-friendly safari stays include:

  • Madikwe Safari Lodge
  • Lukimbi Safari Lodge
  • Tswalu Kalahari
  • Sasaab Samburu in Kenya
  • Thanda Safari
  • Makakatana Bay Lodge

Read on for a more detailed review.

Singita Sweni Lodge: Sustainable Elegance in Kruger National Park

Nestled in the heart of Kruger National Park, Singita Sweni Lodge is the epitome of sustainable elegance. How? Well, for one the lodge is committed to eco-friendly practices such as saving water, utilizing renewable energy, and implementing effective waste management.

The lodge also utilizes environment-friendly building practices and has completely eradicated the use of plastics.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Singita Sweni Lodge offers a range of luxurious accommodations and unique wildlife encounters. Guests can enjoy:

  • Outdoor showers overlooking the river
  • Outdoor day beds
  • Exciting game safaris
  • Engaging community cooking classes

Singita Sweni Lodge is the perfect destination for those seeking an eco-friendly yet luxurious safari experience.


South Africa’s luxury safari lodges provide an unparalleled blend of unforgettable wildlife encounters, sustainable practices, and posh accommodations. From the exclusivity of Lion Sands Ivory Lodge and Royal Malewane to the eco-friendly sophistication of Singita Sweni Lodge, these lodges offer the ultimate in luxury and adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most frequently asked questions about answered!

What part of South Africa is best for safari?

For a classic safari experience, head to Kruger National Park in the Greater Kruger Region of South Africa. Enjoy an unparalleled level of wildlife watching in this immense and undisturbed area, as animals migrate across borders.

What is the best time of year to go on safari in South Africa?

If you’re looking for the best time to visit South Africa for a safari, May to September are the months to aim for. During this dry season, wildlife viewing is greatly improved as there is less vegetation, making it ideal for your safari adventure!

How to choose a safari lodge South Africa?

When choosing a safari lodge in South Africa, consider the size and amenities that best fit your travelling party. If you are travelling as a couple, smaller intimate lodges with spa treatments and private plunge pools offer an ideal atmosphere to soak up the African sun.

What makes South African safari lodges eco-friendly?

Safari lodges in South Africa prioritize sustainability by utilizing solar power, conserving water, managing waste, and sourcing food from sustainable suppliers – all of which make these lodges a great choice for an eco-friendly holiday.

Can I expect to see the Big 5 at these luxury safari lodges?

Yes, you can expect to see the Big 5 at these luxury safari lodges as they offer game drives where guests can witness unique wildlife in their natural habitat.