Top Destinations for Family Holidays to Tanzania

Tanzania family safaris package
An elephant family

Imagine the thrill of witnessing majestic elephants roaming the plains, spotting elusive leopards in the trees, and observing the awe-inspiring Great Migration in action. Now, picture experiencing all of this with your family as you create memories that will last a lifetime. Awesome, right? 

The best Tanzania family safaris offer the perfect setting for an unforgettable family adventure, with a wealth of diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and child-friendly accommodation options to choose from. But how do you plan the perfect family trip to a country that is continents away? 

In this article, our experts will guide you on how to plan the best family holidays in Tanzania. We will cover the best destinations, the best time to visit, and the best family-friendly safari lodges in Tanzania

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Expert Tip: Tanzania is a country of many wonders. From authentic wildlife-rich parks to pristine beaches and warm people, a tailor-made holiday for you and your family is a sure way to strengthen your bond. If you have more than 7 days in Africa, consider combining your family holidays in Tanzania with a beach holiday in Zanzibar or Diani beach in kenya.

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Top Tanzania Family Safari Destinations

Top Places to Visit on Family Holidays to Tanzania
A lioness and her cubs

We now move on to the top safari destinations for family holidays. Each of these offers unique wilderness experiences that will leave you and your family in awe. The most popular family safari destinations include:

  • Serengeti National Park
  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Lake Manyara National Park
  • Tarangire National Park

These destinations offer a variety of landscapes, from the endless plains of the Serengeti to the dramatic caldera of the Ngorongoro Crater.

Each park boasts an array of wildlife, ensuring a thrilling adventure in the heart of East Africa. We will examine each of these remarkable destinations in more detail.

Serengeti National Park

Tanzania family safaris Migration Package
The wildebeest Migration

Serengeti National Park is an iconic destination, famous for its vast plains and the Great Migration, an annual movement of over a million wildebeest, zebra, and other grazing animals. 

This natural spectacle offers unforgettable wildlife encounters for families, as they witness the circle of life in action.

In addition to the Migration, the Serengeti is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including big cats such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs.

There are several family-friendly accommodations (lodges and tented camps) within Serengeti National Park, such as Ndutu Safari Lodge, Rhino Lodge, and Ndutu Safari Lodge. 

These lodges provide a comfortable base for exploring the park, with knowledgeable guides and engaging activities tailored to suit all ages.

Ngorongoro Crater

Tanzania family safaris in Ngorongoro Conservation Area
A game drive in Ngorongoro Highlands

Ngorongoro Crater is a natural wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a high concentration of wildlife in a stunning setting.

The crater is home to the Big Five, including the endangered black rhino, making it an ideal destination for families seeking thrilling wildlife encounters.

The unique combination of geological, biological, and cultural features within the Crater has earned it its prestigious status as a World Heritage site.

Lake Manyara National Park

Tanzania family safaris in Lake Manyara
Gearing for the evening in Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is known for its diverse habitats, tree-climbing lions, and incredible birdlife, making it ideal for families interested in nature and wild animals.

Besides game viewing, the park offers a range of exciting activities for families. Manyara Green Camp, in particular, offers a range of thrilling activities for adventure-seekers such as canoeing, mountain biking, and a canopy walk.

The park is a perfect destination for families looking to combine their safari with a visit to other northern Tanzania highlights, such as the Serengeti. 

Its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife experiences make it a must-visit destination on any Tanzania family safari.

Tarangire National Park

Tanzania family safaris to Tarangire National Park
A game drive in Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park offers a quieter safari experience compared to Ruaha National Park. With big herds of elephants and beautiful landscapes, it provides an ideal setting for visitors seeking a more intimate wilderness encounter. 

The park is home to a diverse array of wild flora and fauna including the big cats, large mammals, giraffes, as well as smaller mammals and birdlife. Catching sight of these animals is bound to thrill you and your kids.

Family-friendly accommodations within Tarangire National Park include Tarangire Safari Lodge, which provides stunning views and family-friendly amenities.

Tarangire National Park is an excellent addition to any family safari, offering a more serene experience compared to the busier parks in northern Tanzania.

Planning Your Tanzania Family Safari

Planning the best Tanzania family safaris tour
A lion resting on a tree

Embarking on a Tanzania family safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and perfecting planning goes a long way in creating unforgettable memories. 

The first step lies in choosing the region you want to visit. Would you like to visit Northern or Southern Tanzania? Each region offers unique landscapes and wildlife encounters that you and your family can sample and enjoy.  

Additionally, consider combining your safari with a beach holiday for a more diverse and well-rounded adventure. 

Booking Family holidays to Tanzania
A family of cheetahs on a rock

The country is an incredible destination for family holidays, with affordable child-friendly tours that include exciting activities and picnic lunches for the whole family.

Your family’s daily schedule can be customised to suit your preferences, allowing you to drive together through towns, rural areas, and national parks

This flexibility ensures an exciting feel for the country and its people, as well as thrilling wildlife viewing opportunities

Families with younger children (under 8 years old) have access to a private 4WD and a wildlife expert guide to maximise game viewing.

Northern vs. Southern Tanzania

A safari in Tanzania typically takes one of two routes—Northern and Southern circuits. Each region is abundant in local wildlife and excellent scenery and boasts distinct quirks and qualities for both experienced and first-time visitors.

Northern Tanzania

Family holidays to Tanzania - Northern Tanzania
A herd of elephants in Tangarire National Park

Famed for open plains, hot air balloon safaris, and the great wildebeest migration, Northern Tanzania offers an exciting classic safari experience, with family-friendly lodges and a well-established safari route.

Arusha is the starting point for classic family safaris in northern Tanzania. The typical journey proceeds through Tarangire National Park or Lake Manyara National Park, before reaching the remarkable Ngorongoro Crater and the rest of the world-famous Serengeti.

Having the same driver-guide throughout your northern Tanzania safari is a huge advantage, allowing for a tailored game drive experience and the flexibility to accommodate the needs of younger children.

Southern Tanzania

Family holidays to Tanzania - Southern Tanzania
An action-packed chase in Ruaha National Park, Southern Tanzania

If crowds aren’t your thing and you’re looking for a more wild encounter then the southern region could be the perfect family safari holiday. 

The secluded Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve provide thrilling but shorter safari experiences filled with unique landscapes and wildlife.

Older children can enjoy exhilarating activities like game viewing in open-topped vehicle safaris, boat trips, and interactions with the local community at camp. 

Unlike the northern parks that rely on mostly road-based itineraries, parks in the south are accessed by domestic flights from Dar es Salaam.

Selous is closer to Dar and takes 30 minutes by small plane while Ruaha National Park takes another 1.5 hours from there.

If you and the kids are on a bush and beach safari, you can travel from Selous Game Reserve to Zanzibar in a short one-hour trip.

Combining Safari with Beach Holidays

Bush and Beach Tanzania family safaris
The pristine Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar

Tanzania’s stunning coastline and islands provide the perfect setting for relaxing family holidays after an exhilarating safari.

Destinations like Tanzania’s coast, Mafia Island, and Zanzibar offer incredible beach options for a family with kids of all ages. In Zanzibar, families can play on the beach, try out exciting water sports, explore Spice Island, visit Jozani Forest, and discover Prison Island.

The most stunning beach destinations include Nungwi Beach, Kendwa Beach, Mnemba Island, Saadani National Park, Sange Beach, and Ras Kutani Beach.

With a diverse range of experiences available in Tanzania, combining a safari with beach holidays ensures a memorable and action-packed family adventure. 

From the spectacular wildlife encounters of Serengeti National Park to the idyllic beaches and culture-rich Zanzibar, Tanzania truly offers something for everyone.

Child-Friendly Accommodations

Where to Stay on Family Holidays to Tanzania
A tented camp

A comfortable and enjoyable stay for your family constitutes an integral part of any successful family safari.

Thankfully, Tanzania’s parks and Zanzibar beaches offer a range of child-friendly lodges and camps to suit different budgets and preferences. 

These accommodations cater to families, offering engaging activities and comfortable family rooms to ensure a memorable trip for the whole family.

Whether you’re seeking a luxury lodge with all the amenities or a more rustic camp immersed in nature, Tanzania has something to offer every family. 

Serengeti Lodges and Camps

Family-friendly lodges on Tanzania family safaris tour
Swimming pool at Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

Serengeti lodges and camps offer family-friendly amenities and engaging activities to ensure a comfortable stay for families during their safari.

Some of the best accommodations for families within Serengeti National Park include Ndutu Safari Lodge, Rhino Lodge, and Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge providing a comfortable base for exploring the park with knowledgeable guides.

Tanzania family safaris - family-friendly accommodation at Serengeti Safari Camp
Family tent at Serengeti Safari Camp

Similarly, there are many camps you can stay at including Mawe Camp, Serengeti Safari Camp, Kiota Tented Camp, and Serengeti Sametu Camp

In addition to comfortable accommodations, Serengeti lodges and camps also provide engaging activities for children. For example, families staying at Maasai Lodge can learn traditional skills like starting a fire with sticks, throwing a spear, and herding goats, as well as joining in with some traditional Maasai dancing.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodges

Tanzania family safaris - Accommodation at Ngorongoro Crater
The Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater lodges provide stunning views, comfortable accommodations, and easy access to the crater for game drives. Most families will enjoy staying at any of the following lodges in the Crater:

  • Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
  • Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge
  • The Highlands
  • Gibbs Farm
  • Plantation Lodge

These lodges cater to families, offering a range of room types and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

With their spectacular setting and convenient access to the Crater, these lodges provide the perfect base for exploring this UNESCO World Heritage site and its abundant wildlife.

Zanzibar Resorts

Best Zanzibar Resorts for Tanzania family safaris
The Breezes Beach Club

Zanzibar Resorts offer beachfront locations, water sports, and cultural activities for families to enjoy after their safari adventure. The best resorts in Zanzibar include:

  • Hotel Riu Palace Zanzibar
  • TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar
  • Zuri Zanzibar Hotel
  • The Residence Zanzibar
  • Xanadu Villas & Retreat
  • Park Hyatt Zanzibar
  • Meliá Zanzibar
  • Emerson Spice
  • Matemwe Lodge
  • Breezes beach club
  • Bluebay Beach Resort

These resorts cater to families, providing a range of room types and amenities, as well as engaging activities and experiences to suit all ages.

The Breezes Beach Club, in particular, is set in an incredibly beautiful location and provides a range of watersports such as kayaking, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. 

Its world-class scuba diving center is a delight to scuba divers as they explore the world under the water. Guests can enjoy spa treatments or head to its gym, aerobic center, or tennis court to keep fit.

Many of these activities can also be found at other luxury beach resorts.

Exciting Family Safari Activities

Walking safari on family holidays to Tanzania
Watching buffaloes from a safe distance

Tanzania offers a wealth of exciting family safari activities that will keep everyone entertained and engaged during your trip.

From game drives to cultural interactions with local communities and wildlife encounters for older children, Tanzania has something for every family member to enjoy.

Choosing age-appropriate activities for your family guarantees everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Walking safaris, canoeing, and balloon safaris may have age limits, so it’s important to check these restrictions beforehand.

Game Drives for All Ages

Enjoying game drives on family holidays to Tanzania
Kids on a game drive

Game drives in private vehicles provide a safe and comfortable way for families to explore Tanzania’s national parks and spot wild animals.

Staying at a property that supplies a private vehicle for a family safari allows you to explore far away from the crowds, ensuring a more intimate and engaging experience.

The best game drives in Tanzania can be found in:

  • Serengeti National Park
  • Tarangire National Park
  • Nyerere National Park
  • Grumeti Game Reserve
  • Ikorongo Game Reserve
  • Maswa Game Reserve

With a knowledgeable guide and a private vehicle, you and your family can enjoy a game drive tailored to your interests and needs. This flexibility ensures a more enjoyable and memorable experience for the whole family.

Cultural Experiences

Cultural interactions and experiences offer unique opportunities for families to learn about local traditions and customs during their Tanzania family safari. 

Visiting Maasai villages or exploring spice farms in Zanzibar provides a fascinating insight into the daily lives of local communities.

Children can have a blast learning traditional skills like starting a fire with sticks, throwing a spear, and herding goats at Maasai villages, as well as joining in with some traditional Maasai dancing.

These experiences not only enrich your family’s understanding of Tanzania but also create lasting memories for everyone involved.

Wildlife Encounters for Older Kids

Wildlife encounters on Tanzania family safaris
A leopard chilling on a rock

Wildlife encounters for older children in Tanzania include thrilling activities such as walking safaris, canoeing, and fishing in destinations like Nyerere National Park.

These activities offer older kids the chance to experience the thrill of encountering wild animals up close, while also learning about the smaller mammals and bush skills that may not be covered during traditional game drives.

It’s important to note that some activities, such as walking safaris in Nyerere National Park, have minimum age requirements for safety reasons. Be sure to check these restrictions when planning your trip to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your entire family.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania With Children

Tanzania family safaris - best time to visit Tanzania
Walking safaris in the dry season

Visiting Tanzania with kids is especially enjoyable during the dry season when days are sunny and warm. This period usually lasts from late June to October. This period offers optimal wildlife viewing opportunities and more comfortable weather for beach visits.

However, if your family is keen on witnessing the Great Migration, you’ll want to plan your trip during specific months to maximise your chances of catching this awe-inspiring spectacle.

Witnessing the great migration can be heart-wrenching, especially when predators tear into prey, so it may not be suitable for small children. But then, you know your kids

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Family Safari

Staying safe on Tanzania family safaris tours
A boat cruise in Zanzibar

For a safe and enjoyable family safari in Tanzania, foresight, destination research, and awareness of local customs and laws are necessary.

Booking with a reputable safari company guarantees a safe and enjoyable experience, providing expert advice on the best places to visit, activities for kids, and the best accommodations to stay in.

Selecting age-appropriate activities and child-friendly accommodations will ensure a memorable and worry-free trip for everyone.


A Tanzania family safari offers an unforgettable adventure filled with awe-inspiring wildlife encounters, diverse landscapes, and engaging cultural experiences.

With careful planning, the right accommodations, and a selection of age-appropriate activities, your family can embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that will create memories to cherish for years to come. On a family holiday to Tanzania, you will:

  • Experience an unforgettable Tanzania Family Safari and explore the magic of Africa!
  • Have the chance to combine safari with beach holidays, visit iconic destinations like Serengeti National Park & the Ngorongoro Conservation Area for exciting wildlife encounters.
  • Enjoy a safe family getaway with age-appropriate activities, child-friendly accommodations & more, all during the dry season from June to October!

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we cover the most asked questions about family safaris in Tanzania: 

How Much Does a Family Safari Cost in Tanzania?

A family safari in Tanzania will cost an average of $200 per person per day, or you can upgrade to midrange for around $350 per person per day. Better yet, treat yourself to a luxury safari from $600 per person per day.

Can Children Go on Safari in Tanzania?

Tanzania is a great destination for family safari holidays with children aged 6 and over—you’ll be amazed by the sheer concentration of animals! So, if your kids are interested in wildlife, they can definitely join you on a safari in Tanzania.

Is Tanzania a Good Family Holiday?

Tanzania offers a fantastic family safari holiday experience with amazing wildlife concentrations and an enriching cultural component. It’s perfect for an unforgettable family vacation!

Where Is Best for Family Safari?

For a perfect family safari experience, South Africa’s parks and Kenya are the ideal destinations. They offer great lodging with special children’s activities to enjoy during the day.

When Is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania With Children?

Visiting Tanzania with children during the dry season from June to October is the perfect way to experience this incredible destination!