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Best Tanzania budget safaris
Tanzania’s wilderness

Imagine embarking on an unforgettable African adventure, exploring the vast landscapes of Tanzania teeming with wildlife, all while staying within your budget. Awesome, right? Our Tanzania budget safaris provide the experience of a lifetime without breaking the bank. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to plan the best Tanzania Budget safaris, from planning and choosing destinations to money-saving tips.

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Planning a budget Tanzania Safari

Budget safaris in Tanzania can be a fun way to explore Tanzania’s wilderness without compromising on authenticity or experiences. We offer budget Tanzania safari to Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park and other parts of Tanzania. 

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Tanzania Budget Safari Packages – Selecting National Parks

Best parks to visit on Tanzania budget safaris
Views of Ngorongoro Crater

Tanzania is home to numerous national parks, each offering unique experiences and wildlife encounters. One of the most popular safari routes is the Northern Circuit, which includes the world-famous Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. Lesser known parks such as Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Parks are also worth their salt. These parks are known for their incredible wildlife, and most safaris are prepared based on these popular destinations.

If you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-track experience, the Southern Circuit is an excellent choice. This route includes the lesser-known Selous Game Reserve and Tarangire National Park, which offer a more secluded and less crowded experience. Ultimately, the choice of national parks will depend on your interests, budget, and the type of experience you desire.

Finding Affordable Accommodation

Best budget accommodation on a Budget Tanzania safari
Sounds of Silence Camp

Accommodation can be a significant expense during your safari, but there are ways to minimize this cost while still enjoying a comfortable stay. A camping safari is a popular budget-friendly option, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature and save on accommodation expenses. There are also basic lodges and guesthouses available, which may not be as luxurious as high-end hotels but still offer excellent wildlife sightings and cozy accommodations.

To find the best budget accommodation options in Tanzania, follow these steps:

  1. Research online and read reviews from other travelers.
  2. Seek recommendations from friends and family who have visited Tanzania.
  3. Compare prices, various fees, and amenities to find the perfect fit for your budget and preferences.
  4. If possible, connect with us via safarioffers@kenyaluxurysafari.co.uk and we will assist with all these activities. 

Remember, the goal is to balance cost with comfort and convenience, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable safari experience.

Budget Safari Itineraries

Customizing your Tanzania budget safaris package
A lion chilling up a tree

Your budget safari itinerary can be tailored to your preferences, whether you’re interested in the popular Northern Circuit, the lesser-known Southern Circuit, or a customized itinerary that combines elements of both. Each circuit offers unique attractions and experiences, so consider your interests, budget, and desired level of adventure when selecting your route.

As we continue, we’ll examine the different budget itineraries in Tanzania and equip you with the necessary information to choose the route that best fits your adventure. Let us start by looking at the different circuits and what each offers. 

Northern Circuit Safari

Where to go on a Northern Circuit Budget Tanzania Safari
Wildlife in the Serengeti

The Northern Circuit is one of Tanzania’s most popular safari routes. It boasts world-renowned parks like the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park. This route offers an incredible array of wildlife-viewing opportunities, making it a favorite among travelers seeking the quintessential African safari experience.

A six-day excursion is recommended for a budget safari in the Northern Circuit, with a camping safari being a more affordable option. To manage your expenses, you might want to consider group tours, self-drive safaris, and indulging in local cuisine.

Southern Circuit Safari

Where to go on a Southern Circuit Budget Tanzania Safari
Selous Game Reserve

If you’re seeking a more off-the-beaten-track experience, the Southern Circuit may be the perfect choice. This route takes you to lesser-known parks like the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park, offering a more secluded and less crowded experience. The Southern Circuit is also generally more cost-effective than the Northern Circuit, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.

To save cash on your Southern Circuit safari, consider employing the same cost-saving strategies as you would for the Northern Circuit: booking group tours, self-driving safaris, and consuming local cuisine. These tactics will help you make the most of your budget while still enjoying a unique and unforgettable experience.

Customizing Your Itinerary

The best way to customize your Budget Tanzania Safari
Elephants in Tarangire National Park, Northern Tanzania

For those who prefer a more personalized experience, customizing your itinerary might be the best option. By selecting the parks and activities that are most appropriate for your interests and budget, you can create a safari that truly caters to your preferences. When working with a safari expert to refine your itinerary, don’t be afraid to ask questions, provide feedback, and suggest modifications or additions to ensure the trip is tailored to your needs.

Consider a mix of popular and lesser-known parks to enhance your experience—depending on your interests and budget, of course. You can also opt for various types of accommodations, such as camping and lodges, to further tailor your experience to your budget and preferences.

Money-Saving Tips for Tanzania Safaris

Saving money on Tanzania budget safaris
Zebras in the wild

Saving money on your Tanzania safari doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the quality of your experience. By considering group tours instead of private safaris, driving yourself, and consuming local cuisine, you can significantly reduce the overall expense of your trip.

Group Tours vs. Private Safaris

Cutting costs on Budget Tanzania Safari
Shared game drive

Group tours can offer significant cost savings compared to private safaris, as expenses are shared among participants. While group tours may not provide the same level of customization and privacy as private safaris, they can be a more budget-friendly option for those looking to maximize their safari experience without breaking the bank.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of group tours and private safaris. Consider factors such as your desired level of customization, intimacy, and budget when making your decision, and remember that there are ways to save cash on both group tours and private safaris.

Self-Drive Safaris

Best ways to cut costs on Tanzania budget safaris
Waterbucks on the lookout

Self-drive safaris can be an excellent way to save money while maintaining greater control over your itinerary. With a self-drive safari, you’ll have the freedom to explore at your own pace and access more remote areas that may be off-limits on group tours.

Bear in mind, though, that self-drive safaris necessitate meticulous organisation and understanding of local driving conditions. When opting for a self-drive safari, be sure to:

  • Research rental car options
  • Familiarise yourself with local driving regulations
  • Consider booking group tours for specific parks or activities to further maximize your savings and enhance your overall experience.

Eating Local

Indulging in local cuisines on Tanzania budget safaris
Mchuzi wa Samaki

One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to save cash on your safari is by eating local cuisine. Here are some reasons why:

  • Dining at local restaurants and markets can help you save cash
  • It provides an authentic cultural experience
  • By patronizing local eateries, you’ll support the local economy which makes for improved livelihood for the locals
  • You can enjoy more nutritious and flavorful meals compared to international cuisine

To make the most of your local dining experiences, here are some tips:

  • Be mindful of local customs and etiquette
  • Keep an eye out for local prices, as some restaurants may try to charge tourists more than locals
  • Always be aware of food safety and hygiene practices to ensure a healthy and enjoyable dining experience

Responsible Budget Travel in Tanzania

Practicing responsible tourism on Tanzania budget safaris
A giraffe in the wild

Traveling responsibly on a budget safari in Tanzania doesn’t have to be challenging. By supporting local businesses, minimizing your environmental impact, and being respectful of local culture, you can have a positive impact on the community and the environment.

In the next sections, we’ll discuss specific actions you can take towards responsible budget travel in Tanzania. These range from supporting local businesses to adopting sustainable travel habits.

Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting local communities on Tanzania budget safaris
A local woman making beadwork

Consider staying at locally-owned accommodations when touring a park like the Serengeti National Park and working with local tour operators. This not only helps you save cash but also ensures that your tourism dollars stay within the community. By supporting local businesses, you contribute to the local economy, create jobs, and stimulate economic growth. With more investment going into the local communities you’ll be contributing to economic recovery and enhancing productive sectors.

How do you identify locally owned accommodations and tour operators? Look for businesses run by local Tanzanians and inquire with your tour operator or accommodation provider regarding their ownership structure. This way, you can ensure that your money remains within the local community while enjoying a more authentic and immersive travel experience.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Practicing sustainable travel habits is essential for minimizing your environmental footprint during your safari in Tanzania. A simple act like avoiding single-use plastics can make a significant difference in preserving the natural beauty of the environment and protecting its wildlife.

In addition to these practices, it’s also important to be aware of local wildlife and avoid interfering with their habitats. By respecting the environment and local customs, you can contribute to preserving Tanzania’s unique ecosystems and ensure that future generations enjoy the same incredible experiences.

Safety and Health Considerations for Budget Safaris

Ensuring your safety and health during your safari should be a top priority. By obtaining travel insurance, getting the necessary vaccinations, and following safety guidelines, you can minimize potential risks and enjoy a worry-free adventure.

In the sections that follow, we’ll underline the importance of travel insurance, vaccinations, and compliance with safety guidelines during your budget safari in Tanzania.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a crucial investment to any safari, providing financial protection against unexpected expenses and emergencies during your trip. Comprehensive travel insurance typically covers:

  • Medical expenses
  • Trip cancellations
  • Lost or stolen luggage
  • Other unforeseen expenses

To find the best travel insurance for your budget safari, follow these steps:

  1. Compare various policies and thoroughly read the terms and conditions.
  2. Be aware of coverage limits, exclusions, and other essential information.
  3. Assess the financial strength of the insurance company.

By following these steps, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected in case of an emergency.

Vaccinations and Medications

Before setting off on your budget safari, consult a healthcare professional or travel clinic to ensure you are up-to-date with the required vaccinations and medications. This precautionary measure protects your health and helps prevent the spread of diseases in Tanzania and upon your return home.

In addition to obtaining the appropriate vaccinations and medications, be sure to pack a basic first aid kit and any necessary prescription medications. By taking these steps, you can safeguard your health during your adventure and focus on enjoying the incredible wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of Tanzania.

Staying Safe on Safari

Safety is paramount during your budget safari in Tanzania. By following the guidelines provided by your tour operator and park authorities, you can minimize potential risks and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Some essential safety tips include staying on designated trails, refraining from contact with wild animals on game drives, and remaining in well-lit areas at night.

In case of an emergency, contact your tour operator or park authorities immediately and provide your exact location and any relevant information. By adhering to these safety guidelines and being aware of potential risks on game drives, you’ll be prepared for any situation.

Planning Your Tanzania Budget Safari

Organising Budget Tanzania safari
Wildlife near Lake Manyara

Well-planned budget safaris in Tanzania can take you to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Africa, filled with incredible wildlife. Effective planning, which takes into account factors like the time of year, choice of national parks, and budget-friendly accommodation, is the cornerstone of a successful trip.

Keep in mind that although Tanzania shares many similarities with its neighbour Kenya, it has its unique characteristics. Government regulators like the Tanzania Revenue Authority, Tanzania Bureau, and the local government may affect your trip.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! As we proceed, we’ll cover the details of planning your dream safari without exceeding your budget. Let’s start with choosing the best time to embark on this amazing adventure.

Choosing the Right Time of Year

Best time to go on Tanzania budget safaris
A life-saving water source

Selecting the best time for budget safaris in Tanzania can significantly impact your experience. The dry season, which typically runs from late June to October, is considered the best time for wildlife sightings. Keep in mind that prices usually soar and parks become busier during the peak season.

On the other hand, the wet season and shoulder season offer cost-saving benefits and a more intimate experience due to reduced crowds. You might have to deal with heavy rains and increased humidity.

You’ll want to consider the trade-offs between the peak, shoulder, and wet seasons. Weigh the pros and cons of each, taking into account your preferences and interests, and choose the time of year that best aligns with your budget and desired experience.


In conclusion, a budget safari in Tanzania offers the opportunity to explore the country’s stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife without breaking the bank. With careful organisation, choosing the right itinerary, practising responsible travel, and prioritising safety and health, you can create a memorable and affordable adventure in the heart of Africa. 

Key highlights of a Budget safari in Tanzania:

  • Plan your budget safari to Tanzania by considering the time of year, national parks, and affordable accommodations.
  • Choose between group tours or private safaris to save money while still enjoying an unforgettable experience.
  • Adhere to safety guidelines for a safe and healthy journey on your budget safari in Tanzania.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cheapest Way To Go on Safari in Tanzania?

For a budget-friendly safari in Tanzania, your best bet is to join a group safari. These types of safaris are generally much cheaper than private ones but come with reduced flexibility and privacy. Still, they can be a fun way to meet new people with similar interests as you.

How Much Does a Safari Cost in Tanzania?

A Tanzania safari to the Serengeti National Park, for example, can range anywhere from \$150 to \$1000 per person per day, with mid-range safaris usually costing between \$300 to \$500.

What Is the Best Time of Year for a Budget Safari in Tanzania?

For a budget-friendly safari experience, the best time to visit Tanzania is during the off-peak season, when prices are lower and crowds are fewer. At this time you can enjoy the parks’ beauty and tranquillity.