The Kenya eTA Explained - Application Procedure, Cost & More

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The eTA will make traveling to Kenya much easier

The Kenya eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) has replaced the Kenya eVisa effective 1st January 2024. Read on to find out more about the Kenya eTA; what exactly it is, who is eligible/illegible for it, how and where you can apply for it, and how long it takes to get one. 

What is an eTA?    

The Kenya eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a semi-automated system that establishes a visitor’s eligibility to travel to Kenya. The system will replace the Kenyan eVisa and all visitors visiting the country must be in possession of an eTA before beginning their journey. 

The Government of Kenya mandates that eTA applications be submitted at least three days before travel to ensure enough time for authorization. To be on the safe side (things happen), we advise travelers to submit their applications three months before travel or as soon as they’ve booked their transport and accommodation tickets.  

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Important to Note

The eTA does NOT determine a traveller’s eligibility to ENTER Kenya- that is the role of Immigration officers. What does this mean? It means that a traveller needs not only possess an eTA to enter Kenya, he/she must also fulfill the country’s other entry requirements including presenting a valid passport.  

Who Must Obtain an eTA? 

The eTA is a mandatory travel requirement for all foreign travelers except;

  1. Those hailing from EAC Member States. The EAC Member states include; Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, and Somalia. 
  2. Those in possession of valid Kenyan passports or one-way emergency certificates
  3. Those who have Kenya Permanent Residence, passes, and work permits
  4. Members of diplomatic missions and international organizations delegated to Kenya
  5. Travellers who will be arriving and leaving Kenya by the same ship without having to disembark (passengers in transit)
  6. Member crews of trains, ships, vehicles, aircrafts, and carriers whose names are included in the ship’s/ train’s/ vehicle’s manifest. 
  7. Owners of private jets stopping over Kenya for refuelling. These individuals must not leave the aiport they land on 

N.B. Infants and children will NOT be exempted from applying for the eTA. Their parents/ guardians/ accompanying adults should make the application before travelling.   

The eTA application Process: How to Apply for an eTA

  1. Visit the Official Goverment of Kenya Official Website. Applications made through 3rd party websites will be rejected. 
  2. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button
  3. Ensure you enter all your data correctly
  4. Submit your application
  5. Check your email for an email confirming receipt of your application
  6. For those required to make payment, check your email for an email confriming receipt of payment
  7. Wait for your application to be approved/ rejected
  8. Once approved, print or download the PDF document attached to your approval email. This is the document you will show to immigration officers at the country’s entry point.

Important to Note

Before starting your application, have the following documents ready.

  1. A valid passport. A passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your arrival date and it must have at least one blank page. 
  2. A clear photograph. The photograph must show your full face, it should be in color and taken on an off-white or plain white background.
  3. Your contact information; a valid email address, phone number, etc
  4. Full details of your departure and arrival itinerary
  5. Proof of accommodation. A booking works just fine. Travellers can also submit a screenshot of their reservation message or email. 
  6. Debit card, Apple Pay, Credit Card, or any other acceptable means of payment

Based on your country of origin, the following documents  may also be required;

  • A yellow fever vaccine. Here’s a list of countries that are required to show proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever.  

For Business Visits

  • An invitation letter from your company
  • A copy of registration for the company

For Family Visits

  • Invitation letter from hosting family
  • An ID card, alien card, or passport of the host

Those planning on making regular trips to Kenya are encouraged to download the ‘Kenya Travel Authorization’, a mobel app that will allow them to save their travel documents and profiles on their phones. This will not only help keep their documents safe but it will also allow them to quickly access their documents in future trips. 

How Long Does it Take to Process an eTA?

Processing time varies depending on your country of origin and the type of eTA you are applying for. 

However, three working days is the standard waiting time. 

P.S. Visitors who wish to hasten the approval time can apply for premium service. 

How Do I Check the Status of my eTA application?

To check the status of your eTA application;

  1. Visit the ROK Official Government Website
  2. Scroll down and click on the ‘check your application’ button

P.S. Minutes after you submit your application, an email will be sent to your inbox confirming receipt of the application. With the email comes a reference number which you should use to check your application status. 

eTA Fees: How Much Does Applying for an eTA Cost?

eTA, Kenya
Applying for an eTA will cost up to $30

In November 2023, the ministry of interior announced that applying for an eTA would cost $30 (4500). The gazette also called attention to a change in visa fees. 

In the amended prices, a single-visa will cost $100 (ksh 15,700), $500 (ksh 78,500) for a multiple-entry visa, $160 (ksh 25,120) for a 5-year multiple-entry visa, and $200 (ksh 31,400) to apply for an extension after your visa surpass the 6-month validity period. 

Also, the price of penalties for overstaying increased to $100.  

P.S. eTA application fees are non-refundable. Once your application is submitted, the fee cannot be refunded, whether or not your application is approved. The same applies to when you cancel travel plans.  

Why and How the eTA is Beneficial

Kenya eTA
The eTA will drastically reduce queues for customs, health, and immigration inspections.

On December 12, 2023, William Ruto, the president of the republic of Kenya, announced the abolishment of the visitor visa as an entry requirement to travel to Kenya. In its place, the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) was introduced. 

The eTA is beneficial to those travelling to Kenya in a number of ways;

  1. It is efficient. The eTA allows travellers to submit all their travel documentation and information from the comfort of their homes. 
  2. It is time-conscious. With the introduction of the eTA, travellers do not need to fill out forms at the entry point anymore. Also, queues for customs, health, and immigration inspections will reduce drastically.
  3. Lastly, the introducion of the eTA will simplify the the check-in process for airlines. Carriers will be able to ascertain whether a traveller is or is not authorized to travel by the Kenyan Government by checking whether they are in possession of en eTA. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer all your frequently asked questions about the eTA.

What do I do When My eTA Application is Rejected?

Unfortunately, having your eTA rejected means you won’t be able to travel. That is why we advise our clients to do the application at least three months before they travel. 

One thing you can do, however, is contact and they’ll tell you the way forward. 

Do Infants and Children also Require the eTA to travel?

Yes, children and infants also need to have an eTA to travel. It is the responsibility of their parents/ guardians to fill out this application for them. 

Is My Credit Card Information Safe?

Your credit card information is 100% safe. The eTA system is PCI compliant. This means that it has met all the operational and technical standards that systems need to follow in order to protect and secure credit card information provided to them by card holders. 

Also, the eTA also encrypts all data informtion and does not store any payment or credit card information. Other measures taken by the eTA system to guarantee the safety of your credit card information include;

  1. Using, which is one of the leading payment getaways in the world. 
  2. Granting persons access to their personal data information that is stored by the eTA. Again, credit data information is not stored in the system. 

How Long Will the eTA Store My Application Data?

The Republic of Kenya keeps a record of all data collected for an unspecified amount of time. However, they do assure people that their data will be automatically deleted a set period of time after they leave the country. 

Can I Update or Correct My Personal Data Once My Application has Been Submitted?

Yes, the eTA system allows you to update your personal data once your application has been submitted. The system however does NOT allow you to delete any data you had previously provided. 

It is, therefore, important that you ensure you’ve filled all your information correctly. Otherwise, you risk your application getting rejected. 

Kenya eTA
The eTA is set to replace the Kenyan eVisa

Which Information Will Be Collected During my eTA Application Process?

Information collected include;

Identity Documentation

  • Scan or photo of identification document
  • Surname
  • Given names
  • Identity document number
  • Identity document expiration date


  • The photo must show your full face
  • Photo used must have been taken within the last six months
  • The photo should be clear, taken in colour and taken against a white or off-white background
  • The photo should be clear of any filters or alterations
  • No smiling, squinting or frowming on the photo. Face the camera directly and maintsin a neautral facial expression

Contact Information

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Permanent residence

Trip Information

  • Expected travel date
  • Airline
  • Flight number
  • Departure airport
  • Arrival airport
  • Your address in Kenya

Depending on why you are visiting (business related, diplomatic reasons ect) or your country of origin, the following documents may also be requested

  • Bank letter
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • A diplomatic passport
  • Official letter from your country of origin
  • Invitation letter from host family
  • Supporting documents for resettlement
  • Employment contract
  • Conference invitation letter
  • Appointment letter from the hospital you are planning on visiting
  • Invitation letter from company